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Our Effective Credit Repair Service

Transforms People’s Lives

More than a third of American families depend on credit cards to keep their household running – but just one mistake can throw even the most careful financial planning into chaos.

If you’re tired of back-breaking interest rates and credit rejections that lock you out of larger purchases and leave you struggling to keep up with your bills, then credit repair is the smart solution.

However, many credit repair services can take as long as 24 months to resolve your issues – by which time your life will have moved on, for better or worse.

Get Faster Results with a More Aggressive Approach to Credit Repair

At M Lockhart, we take a different approach; a fast, effective, and efficient credit repair service that can resolve your credit issues within 3 to 6 months.

Rather than raising a dispute with 609 letters like our competitors, our expert team focuses on the rules and regulations.

By analyzing your credit report to find inaccurate items, we can challenge them and remove them from your credit report.

In turn, many of our clients see their credit scores increase by 100 points or more in a month.

Not only is our approach more aggressive and more successful, but it is also tailored around your situation and your schedule.

Because we do all the hard work for you, you can stop worrying about your finances – and focus on planning your future.

Our credit repair service helps people remove some of the most common negative items, including:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Child Support
  • Eviction
  • Repossessions
  • Charge offs
  • Collection account
  • Inquiries
  • Student Loans
  • And Much More

Getting Life Changing Results

How to Boost Your Credit Score in

Three Simple Steps

Credit Review

Our experts audit your credit report and note negative items that are harming your score


Our experts negotiate to fix your credit using rules and regulations to your advantage


Sit back and relax as experts work to boost your credit score within 3 to 6 months

We don’t just help you to reclaim your credit score and your life. We also provide free education on best credit practice as part of the service, so you can maintain your credit scores long into the future.

Say Goodbye to Bad Credit Issues – Say Hello to a Future Full of Options!

It’s time for you to stop being rejected or being forced to pay sky-high interest rates every time you try to take out a line of credit.

At M Lockhart Credit Repair Services, we have helped thousands of people like you to turn around their lives by improving their credit scores in just 3 to 6 months.

Now our aggressive and effective approach can help you too!

Get started today by booking a free consultation with one of our expert team to find out more.

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